JISMO Educational Programs
JISMO intensive program is held 4 times a year. The program focuses on studying how to solve JISMO Olympiads questions.

Program schedule:
* Feb - Mar
* Jun - Jul
* Sep - Oct
* Dec - Jan

(Note: The schedule may be subject to change.)
  • Payment Method for Australia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, India and other countries . Settle the program fee through Peatix. Program fee: USD 60/subject (Total of 4 sessions)
  • Payment method for Indonesia, settle the program fee to BCA, 218 3777 718, Yayasan Mirai Indonesia Program fee: Rp 800.000/subject (Total of 4 sessions)

If you have any inquiry about the intensive program, contact us by scanning QR codes.